Pumpkin Spice Latte

Hey there! Welcome to the very first post here at "Right Side Inklings." This art blog is my self initiated way to get myself going on a drawing-a-day (5 days a week) every week, for the rest of eternity. I'll share finished work, sketches, ideas and processes. Basically, all the sharable content that flows out of my brain and onto the page. Thanks for visiting, and without further ado...

Some of my fondest childhood memories were formed as I sat drawing at the kitchen table while my mother cooked dinner. I loved to draw seasonal themes upon the time of year, and Halloween haunted house scenes with all the trimmings of ghouls, ghosts, and monsters were among my favourites. I guess not much has changed!

It's also quite apparent that I love to draw awkward interactions between my characters. That and monsters. I could probably draw monsters all day without getting bored. Mix the two together, and we've found my happy place.

I've shared some rough sketches as well as a photo of my inking utensils. Enjoy.

Artist Medium: Liquitex Acrylic Ink on Watercolour paper.
Utensils: Crow quill nib dip pen for line drawing, Winsor & Newton Cotman 111 round "000" brush for final accent lines, and old course bristly brush for ink splatter/shadow effect & texture.


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